At This Time Worship Services

Are Canceled Until

Palm Sunday.

No organized group activities

will take place until further notice.

Watch for Updates.

Focus on God's love

and how you can share it!

Be invested in

what God has created.

Reflect his

divine care

for others

and for the


Focus on God's love.

Better Church

Better Community

Better World

Lent is a time for:

• genuine repentance.

• remembering what God has done.

• understanding that God is with       us and does not give up.

Lent is a time to choose to do something better.


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March 22 sermon video

("Profiles on Courage")

is posted on Facebook.

LeRoy Presbyterians thank Doug Moore

for new kitchen sinks.

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TUF Team
Busy with Christmas Baking
LeRoy Harvest Festival 2019


Christian United Methodist Church

506 S Front St

Humeston, IA


LeRoy Presbyterian Church

812 LR 5th St

LeRoy, IA 


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