November 17 ~ Sermon " 'Wow! Look at that!' "

Scripture:  Luke 21: 5-19

He has given us everything we have.

On the outside, it may not appear extravagant.

It is the comfort and joy on the inside that counts.

Share it!!!

Consider this quote from a painting by Frederic Watts:

That which I saved, I lost.

That which I spent, I had.

That which I gave, I have.

LeRoy Worship ~ 9:00am

Nov. 24 LeRoy will meet at the Humeston church.

Humeston Worship ~ 10:30am

Youth Sunday School ~ 9:30am

Children's Sunday School ~ during worship

There will be baptisms at both church services Nov. 24.

Special Music at Humeston May 5

by Barbara Hewitt

"Give Me Jesus"

a spiritual written during slavery;

no known composer or text writer

"You can have all this world.  Give me Jesus."

Worship October 7, 2018

Sermon by Marilyn Anafo

"Brothers and Sisters"

Scripture:  Job 1: 1, 2: 1-10*; Hebrews 1 : 1-4, 2: 5-12

See below:  Marilyn gives the sermon; Ninjin Argalbayar's shares a Mongolian poem;

and the parish youth perform African Liturgical dance.

(May also see videos on         .)

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Marilyn ~ "Brothers and Sisters"

Ninjin ~ "Thoughts" on World Communion Sunday

Parish Youth ~ African Liturgical Dance

Affirmation of Faith            

   We believe in God, our source of hope, which though fragile and often dashed is surprisingly strong and resilient.  We believe that hope is given so that we can wake each morning with a sense of wonder and live each day in light of the joy that is promised.  We believe that hope is woven with faith and love to form a tapestry of beauty and possibility.  We believe that out of suffering and destruction can emerge something new, a new earth with the mark of God upon it.  We believe the church is a community of hope, living the love of Jesus for all creation.  Amen.