Online Worship Jan. 24

Jan. 24 In-Person Worship

January 24 Bulletin

Humeston is requiring masks and

social distancing between family groups.

Normal Schedule

LeRoy Worship ~ 9:00am

Youth and Children's Sunday School

follows worship at 10:00am.


Humeston Worship ~ 10:30am

Youth/Children's Sunday School ~ 9:30am

(Sunday Youth Activities ON HOLD)

"A Good Disciple

Is One Who Leaves"

Leave the old self behind.

Talk to God in thin places

where God touches your heart, where you see possibilities without complete understanding.

Go! Give Hope!




Affirmation of Faith

    We confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and proclaim him Lord and Savior of the world. In Christ’s name and by his grace we accept our mission of witness and service to all people.
    We rejoice in God, maker of heaven and earth, and the covenant of love which binds us to God and to one another. Through baptism into Christ we enter into newness of life and are made one with the whole people of God. In the communion of the Holy Spirit, we are joined together in discipleship and in obedience to Christ.  At the table of the Lord, we celebrate with thanksgiving the saving acts and presence of Christ.
    Within the universal church, we receive the gift of ministry and the light of scripture.  In the bonds of Christian faith, we yield ourselves to God that we may serve the One whose kingdom has no end.  Blessing, glory, and honor be to God forever. Amen.

Music May 24 ~

Enjoy Barbara Hewitt and Ed Coffey as they sing for us:

"Take Time to Be Holy"


"Jesus I Have Promised"

Accompanied by Jayma Smith

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Worship October 7, 2018

Sermon by Marilyn Anafo

"Brothers and Sisters"

Scripture:  Job 1: 1, 2: 1-10*; Hebrews 1 : 1-4, 2: 5-12

See below:  Marilyn gives the sermon; Ninjin Argalbayar's shares a Mongolian poem;

and the parish youth perform African Liturgical dance.

(Videos may also be viewed on      – 10/7/2018 posts.)

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Marilyn ~ "Brothers and Sisters"

Ninjin ~ "Thoughts" on World Communion Sunday