On-site, Soft Worship Services at LeRoy and Humeston

Sunday, July 5.

live/recorded video

will ALSO be available at 10:30.


Bulletin for July 5 Service


All Online Worship Service Videos

Normal LeRoy Worship ~ 9:00am

Youth and Children's Sunday School

follows worship at 10:00am.

Normal Humeston Worship ~ 10:30am

Youth Sunday School ~ 9:15am

Children's Church ~ during worship 

following children's sermon


Thoughts from June 21 Worship Service





We are not all the same.

But, united (following Jesus),

we are the power of God.

"Swords and Crosses"

Genesis 21: 8-21;

Matthew 10: 24-39

Life can be more like a thorn than a rose. It can be more like a sharp sword than a comforting bath towel.


Pick up the cross. The cross is the sword that is within the heart of a Christian. Use it to endure the thorns– to do things you don't want to do, to do things that are not easy. Use that sword to create peace by cutting through misunderstanding and by loving even your enemies.

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Music May 24 ~

Enjoy Barbara Hewitt and Ed Coffey as they sing for us:

"Take Time to Be Holy"


"Jesus I Have Promised"

Accompanied by Jayma Smith

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Affirmation of Faith            

   You, my beloved, once an alien, are now a citizen of heaven: once a stranger, are now brought home to the family of God. You have owned my Lord as your Lord, my people as your people. Under Jesus the Messiah we are one. Mutually embraced in the everlasting arms, I embrace you in mine: your sorrows shall be my sorrow, and your joys my joys. Joint debtors to the favor of God and the love of Jesus, we shall jointly suffer with him, that we may jointly reign with him. Let us, then, renew our strength, remember our Sovereign and hold fast our boasted hope unshaken to the end.

Worship October 7, 2018

Sermon by Marilyn Anafo

"Brothers and Sisters"

Scripture:  Job 1: 1, 2: 1-10*; Hebrews 1 : 1-4, 2: 5-12

See below:  Marilyn gives the sermon; Ninjin Argalbayar's shares a Mongolian poem;

and the parish youth perform African Liturgical dance.

(Videos may also be viewed on      – 10/7/2018 posts.)

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Marilyn ~ "Brothers and Sisters"

Ninjin ~ "Thoughts" on World Communion Sunday

Parish Youth ~ African Liturgical Dance