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United Trinity Parish Office

506 S Front St

Humeston, IA 50123

(641) 877-4641

Office Hours:

Parish Administrative Assistant:

Weekly, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

10:00am - 3:00pm

You may call and leave a message.  Barbara will return your call during her office hours.  Please call Barbara during office hours if you are not receiving her e-mail messages.

Regular Pastor Office Hours:

NO ONE will be in the office Sept. 25.

Monday, 9:00am - noon & visitation pm

Tuesday, 9:00am - noon & visitation pm

(monthly cluster meeting at 11:00am)

Wednesday, 9:00am - noon;

pm activities and meetings

Thursday, 9:00am - noon & 1 - 3pm

(monthly chaplain meetings at noon)

Available for home/hospital visits Monday & Tuesday afternoons.

Call 515-370-5318 or


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